Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2016 Written Episode Updates SNS Recap: Mansi Will Kill Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Jaggi says he cannot do this thing. Kokila says everyone is pleading before you but you does not wants to do anything. She asks what you want car or money. Jaggi says if his heart says to do that thing then he does that work but he if his heart denies then he cannot do. Kokila asks if he cannot see tears in her eyes and he wants to break hopes so he can go but she wants to show her something. She holds his hands. Dharam reads newspaper and goes to Meera. She shows FD of Priyal and says you have done good to forgive Naiya. Meera cries and says Vidya has not forgiven her till now. She asks will Vidya forgive her. Dharam hugs her.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Kokila takes Jaggi to Mental asylum. Kolila asks Jaggi to see Gopi. He remembers Gopi as she fainted in his arms and she sent her to mental aylum. Kokila says look at her and think you should help her. Jaggi says who is she. Kokila says she is her daughter Gopi. He becomes shocked. Gopi says she does not wants to eat medicine as she is fine not mad. Ward boys take her to ward. Kokila says please save my Gopi. Jaggi says she is mad and why you want to save her. Kokila tells she is not mad but those people wants to prove her mad. She cries. Kokila comes home. Urmila asks what happened. Kokila cries and says we lost Gopi. Urmila says Jaggi is there. Kokila says no he went somewhere without telling. Urmila says no he will come and help us.

Mansi asks doctor if everything is prepared. Doctor says yes. Mansi says please take care no one should open their mouth and she will give plenty money. Pramila asks with whom she was talking. Mansi says she is planning some surprise for her friend. Urvashi sees photo of Jaggi and thinks he is so nice. Jaggi goes to her and Urvashi becomes happy to see her. Urvashi asks if he did that work. Jaggi says no he cannot do. That family is so silly and he came back. He tells everything to her. He says he does not wants to become mad by saving her. He asks Urvashi to make food and he will change clothes. Urvashi becomes tensed. Shravan asks Vidya to forget everything. Vidya says no this time Meera did wrong and she cannot forget that. Shravan says now time has come to forgive her as she is her sister. Dharam says he is proud of him as he is saying right. Dharam ask her to see Meera and she forgot whatever Naiya did then why not Meera. Vidya says Meera tortured her in five years.

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