Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2016 Episode Updates Recap Video: Jigar Asks Jaggi To Prove

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi says thank you to him. Jaggi tells how to dance to Jai and Veeru. Gopi smiles seeing him playing with Jai and Veeru. Gopi thinks something and comes downstairs. Pramila comes there and asks where is Gopi. Kokila becomes angry and says how dare they come to their house. Pramila says she is worried of Gopi. Krishna says Gopi is ill and why they took Gopi here and they are so worried about Gopi. Pramila calls Poilce there. A doctor and lawyer also comes. Police says Gopi is mentally unstable and she cannot stay here. Kokila says no she is not mad and they all are telling lie. Gopi says no this doctor is telling lie and they all are planning them to prove her mad. Mansi acts that she cares for her. Krishna says its enough and he is treating her from five years. Police says please Give Gopi to them. Kokila says they are fraud and Gopi does not wants to go with them.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Pramila calls her friend and asks what Gopi did on muh dikhai. She says yes Gopi was doing bad activities. Mansi says yes Gopi tried to burn house and mixed some explosives in Ajwain. Mansi also says she locked herself in a box. Urmila says no its not truth. Krishna shouts that Gopi is his responsibility and if Gopi will do something then blame will come on him. Sahir saya Gopi will not go anywhere. Sona says yes she will not go. Gopi cries and tells Please believe me and they are trying to make me mad. Kokila says she will not let Gopi go. Krishna takes step ahead.

Police asks to step back. Lawyer says you cannot keep Gopi here. Krishna holds her hand and drags her. Kolila holds Gopi’s hand. Kokila asks to leave her. Krishna says from when Ahem died she has lost her mental balance. Gopi cries and asks Lord Krishna to help her. Krishna takes her. Jaggi comes there. Everyone becomes shocked to see him. Jaggi comes there and says he is husband of Gopi and Gopi will not go anywhere.

Kokila becomes happy and says he is my son Ahem. Gopi says yes he is my Ahem ji. Krishna says Ahem is dead. Jaggi says i am standing in front of you. Pramila says what is this and how can Ahem come. Pramila says they cannot make her fool and Gopi is her daughter in law and she will take her. Vidya calls some Masoom brother. Shravan says no need to call him. Vidya says no doesnot matter we will call everybody.

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