Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates: Jaggi Applies Sindoor To Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi says she will never bear the pain that she gave to her family. Krishna goes to hurt Gopi. Jaggi stops him and shouts on him and asks him to stay in limits. Gopi sees them. Jaggi says its finished and leave us now. They makes them out of the house. Gopi holds his hands and makes them out. Everyone else smiles. Pramila warns Gopi. Sona says wr have our house now. Kokila thanks lord krishna. Urmila praises Jaggi and says you did right today. Kokila calls Jigar. She tells him that our share which was with Mansi is with us now. We had made them out. Meera goes to Dharam and says that how cheap is your thinking.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaShe says you crossed your limits and Ritesh was your guest and you insulted him. Dharam shouts and says do you know what. He goes. Vidya sees them. Jaggi brings dhol and Jai and Veeru dances. Jaggi says what happened and why are you seeing me like this and we should celebrate. Urmila says yes lets dance. They all dances. Jaggi goes to Gopi and asks her to dance. He holds her hands. Gopi says what nonsense is this and leave my hand. Jaggi becomes shocked. Gopi says wait and i will shoe you.

She ties her chunni and starts dancing. Jaggi becomes shocked to see her and he loves her smiling. He beats drums and becomes joyous. Everybody there becomes happy and dances. Pramila plans against Modis. Jaggi gets happy. He sees Gopi came downstairs wearing saree and she suddenly starts dancing and he continues to look at her. He becomes amazed. Then he realises that he was dreaming. He thinks what was Gopi doing in his dream. He gets call of Urvashi. She asks if you ate something. He says no. Urvashi taunts him and says how can you do that so you should go and eat something. He goes downstairs and sees Gopi crying. He goes to her. He asks why are you crying.

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