Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2016 Episode: Mansi Tells Gopi About Jaggi


ACP falls and met with accident. Jigar comes and says Ahem is not like you and he is well educated and classy. Krishna says This man is fraud and cheating on us. Jaggi says Jigar you forgot me and govt changes in five years so a man can also change. Jigar says you have to prove this and then he will think he is Ahem Modi. Jaggi asks what proof you want. Jigar claps and says wow you are so smart.

Jigar says he has death certificate of Ahem Modi. Kokila becomes worried and thinks now we are trapped. Jigar asks when Ahem used to go to office then Kokila takes out Lord Krishna and then Ahem takes out Lord Krishna and place them to temple.


Kokila remembers scene when Ahem came back and he always find Lord Krishna. Kokila says how he knows where is Lord Krishna. Ahem used to say that our hearts are connected. Kokila thinks But how Jaggi will find Lord Krishna. Gopi becomes worried and says Jaggi will be caught now. Gopi prays to help her.

Urmila takes Jai and Veeru up and asks them to break vase. Everyone looks up and then Gopi sign towards matki placed up. Jaggi says Jigar i will tell you where is Balgopal. Gopi says Jaggi didnot listen complete things and how will he know that Balgopal is in which Matki. Jaggi takes them in temple. He looks at three matki

Everybody becomes scared that what will happen now. Jaggi breaks one matki and Lord Krishna was inside that. Everybody becomes shocked. Gopi and Jaggi runs to catch balgopal. Gopi opens her chunni and Jaggi holds her. Urmila smiles and gets amazed. Jaggi give balgopal to Gopi. Kokila cries. Gopi and Jaggi goes in temple and places balgopal. Jaggi asks if he needs to give any more proofs.

Mansi says its enough and she knows Ahem very well. Gooi comes and slaps her. Gopi says Many people know Ahem. She says she is wife of Ahem and she still doesnot know Ahemji properly. This sentence can only be said by Kokila. No one can know a person more than their mother. Mansi tries to say something. Gopi asks her not to say anything. Pramila comes and says how dare you to say that. Gopi says she doesnot wants to disrepect her and her husband is alive so she will not go with Krishna. Jaggi says he is Ahem Modi and he doesnot want his wife to go to Mental asylum.

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