Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Jaggi Goes Somewhere

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi goes to temple with Sona. She sees Pramila and team coming with some ladies. She says hi to everyone and they signs. Pandit says Gopi will do visarjan of mata’s idol. A lady says that Gopi cannot do as she has not applied sindoor. Pramila says Krishna is her husband he will apply sindoor to her forehead. He goes and Gopi stops him. Pramila says he has right to fill sindoor. Gopi says my husband is Ahem and he is alive now. Jaggi comes them hurriedly and folds his hands in front of mata.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaKrishna goes to Gopi. Jaggi stops his hand and says i am her husband and this is my right. He fills sindoor and Gopi looks on shocked. She becomes amazed. Urmila and Kokila also comes. They also looks shockingly. Gopi runs away. Pramila taunts them that her daughter ran away because her husband filled her mang or a stranger. Kokila asks Pramila not to interfere in others matter. She asks them to leave. Every guests goes out. Vidya says Meera drops Priyal school and today Dharam will also go. She asks Priyal to get ready. Priyal says i am excited to see them together.

Meera comes down and sees that Dharam is also coming. She acts slipping and says i am injured. Dharam says fine i will drop her to school. He goes with Priyal. Meera gets up and Vidya becomes shocked. Vidya says why you did this. Meera asks Vidya not to try to do all this as nothing is left between Dharam and me. I will decide what i have to do after this wedding of Naiya.

Jaggi becomes angry. He says i am helping you all and you are insulting me. Gopi cries remembering what Jaggi did. Kokila says don’t cry Gopi and this anger will lose our goals. Gopi says how can i become brave and you saw what Jaggi did. He did not know the meaning me sindoor and he did this in front of everybody. Gopi says Jaggi cannot play with my emotions.

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