Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2016 Episode Updates Recap: Kokila To Make Jaggi As Ahem

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Jaggi says he is Ahem and he is alive and he does not wants Gopi to go to Mental Asylum. Police says you should tell us that Gopi’s husband is alive. Krishna says they are fake. Police says we cannot do anything. Pramila says she is her daughter in law. Jigar becomes shocked to listen mental asylum. Mansi says she will destroy Gopi. Krishna takes her. Jigar asks what happened and you were in mental asylum and firstly tell who is he. No one says anything. Jigar says he cannot believe that he is Ahem. Jaggi says you shut up. He goes to Jigar and says he has proved that he is Ahem. He says he saw his brother’s body from his eyes and he did antim sanskar also. He says you look like a bad person. Jaggi asks him to stay quiet. Gopi stops Jaggi and says he is her brother in law. Kokila stops Jaggi. Jaggi says you should decide in which team you are. Jaggi tells he took her from mental asylum.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Jigar asks what happened and why Gopi was in mental asylum. Kokila says yes when you were not here then there many mishappening happened. Jigar becomes emotional and ask why did not you tell me. Kokila says we had less time and that time she met Jaggi. Jigar starts crying. Jaggi teases him. Pari says all this is because of Ahem and thats why this Mansi came into our lives. She says Kokila did this and made Gopi to marry Krishna. Pari says You are responsible for all this. Kokila folds her hands. Jaggi says this is like tv serial and he will bring his mother. Here someone says sorry and one forgives. He says no one knows the actual meaning of family.

He says you are fools and he is going. Jigar says stay here brother. Jaggi asks to say again. Vidya and Meera also comes. They becomes shocked to see him. Vidya says Dad. They both runs to him. Jaggi stops them. He asks who are they. Urmila tells they are daughters of Gopi. Kokila tells them he is not their father and he is Jaggi. She tells this is nature’s magic and she took his help to take Gopi out of mental asylum. Jaggi asks them not to cry. Jai and Veeru comes. Gopi hugs Meera and Vidya. She asks how is Priyal. Vidya says why you did not tell us. Gopi says situations became worse and she was not able to think anything. Jaggi plays with Jai and Veeru. Jigar shouts on Pari that she is taunting them. Pari says why you are concerning about them. Pari says you acted so well. Jigar asks what acting and he was not acting. Pari says then why not you tell them that he has given his share to Mansi.

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