Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th October 2016 Written Updates Today Episode: Jaggi Is Ahem’s Step Brother

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Urmila says Jaggi saved you and your respect and he did not need to come temple but still he came for you. Gopi remains silent. Kokila says she also wants to talk to Jaggi. Urnila says he went with anger and i don’t know where is he. He is not picking up the phone. Kokila thinks he will be with his mother. She calls Urvashi. Urvashi picks up the call. Kokila asks if Jaggi is there. Urvashi says no he did not come. Kokila says Jaggi went somewhere in anger. Urvashi asks where is he. She becomes shocked. Kokila tells everything to Urvashi. Kokila asks do you know where he will be. Urvashi says i don’t know. Urmila asks Sahir to find somewhere.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaGopi sits and cries. She remembers what Urmila said and Jaggi saved her. She thinks how bad is she and Jaggi saved her from mental asylum and she will be tortured. Sona says Jaggi is not at his home neither here. Gopi says call him. Sona says he is not picking up the phone. Kokila worries and thinks where he could be. Urvashi calls Jaggi. She thinks she will beat him . Sona asks Jai and Veeru to eat something. He says i will eat with Jaggi. Urmila prays to send back Jaggi. Phone rings. Kokila says Urvashi is calling. Kokila asks do you know about Jaggi.

Urvashi says he is not picking up the phone. Kokila says stay calm. Tolu and Molu comes. Gopi asks do you know. Sahir says no. Kokila talks to Urvashi and assures her. Molu says we should complain in police. Sona says please Sahir ask Jai and Veeru to eat something. Sahir says do you want bade papa to come. He says yes. Jai and Veeru says when bade papa will come then. They sees Jaggi comes. They becomes joyous. Jaggi takes Jai and Veeru to room and asks to bring food. Jai and Veeru becomes happy. Kokila goes to Urvashi. Meera and Vidya packs gifts. They jokes. Vidya says you are not doing good. Meera says Dharam doesnot understands me and Ritesh atleast helped us in shopping but Dharam ever doubted me.

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