Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th September 2016 Written Episode Online Recap: Mansi Comes To Take Fingerprints

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi tells they have installed biometric machines and Jigar has to bring fingerprints of Ahem and then she will decide. Jigar says fine i will give you fingerprints of Ahem. Mansi gets happy and says two men can look same but their fingerprints can never be same. Mansi says now she will destroy Gopi ans she destroyed her life. Mansi says Gopi will go to mental asylum. Urmila goes to Gopi and asks her to eat something. Jaggi comes and asks for tea. Gopi says Ahem ji needs one spoon sugar. Jaggi says no pour two or three spoons as we will digest sugar. Urmila gives him tea. Jaggi thinks he has to say everything carefully

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Dharam reads article how to impress their wife. He takes out candles and takes bouquet. He decorates room. He opens fan and flowers blow out. Dharam gets angry and thinks he spoiled everything. Naiya says now her plans starts and everyone will be out of this game. Gopi remembers Ahem and cries. She thinks about Ahem. Urmila comes there and asks what happened. Gopi says she cannot handle it anymore and she misses Ahem. She tells when she sees Jaggi then she thinks Ahem is with her but truth is that Ahem is not here. Urmila says she can understand that from which phase she is going through. Gopi says this is so difficult task to make Jaggi as Ahem and we also are not able to consider him as Ahem. Meera and Vidya talks. Vidya says she is going to see Priyal whether she slept or not. Naiya comes there. Meera asks why you not slept Yet. Naiya says she is not able to sleep. Meera asks to lie then she will sleep.

Naiya says no she cannot sleep.Meera asks whose medicine are this. Naiya says this is of Ritesh. She tries act as tired. Meera says she will give medicine to Ritesh. Naiya becomes happy and thinks has lighten up fire and now final thing will.come out and everything will be destroyed. Urmila says you should not become sad as remember what Mansi did with you and we have to tell Mansi a lesson as she has not done right. Gopi says yes she has to do something.

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