Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th August 2016 Written Episode Updates! Krishna Get Shot While Saving Gopi!


Kokila asks Krishan to talk to her mother. Krishna agrees and says i will tell her. He goes to Pramila and asks her to come in corner.

He asks why she gave this in newspaper and Gopi’s prestige is on risk and she is so self dependent and she has to do anything about contract of Mr belgi. Pramila says why she is doing like this on road. She says this is business and it can be done anywhere. He asks her to think how proud you will be when people will talk that their daughter in law made impossible work into possible. Gopi becomes happy. Urmila says now shop has come to you and come ladies see these beautiful sarees. Gopi thanks lady that she gave this place to place their stall.


Meera talks on phone and thinks she has to find out Priyal. Naiya comes to her and says she wants to go to market. Meera gives her keys of almirah and Naiya smiles weirdly. Meera says she has to go out and asks Naiya to take care of the house. Ladies talk that these sarees of Gopi modi and these sarees are not of good quality. Thats why they are selling it on road. Gopi says whatever comes in newspaper is not right and their quality is good and they should atleast see the sarees.

Urmila becomes happy that their sarees are selling in good speed and only sixty one sarees are left. Gopi becomes happy. Sona says this box is full of money and we need other box. She suggest that she will go in room and take care of this box then Sahir will take another box with him.

Sona goes and tranfers money to big box. Some lady sees and Sona sits. Naiya does something with almirah. Sina gets busy in watching Tv.

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