Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Reporter Interviews Modi Family

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi makes halwa. Jaggi says why you are making halwa.she remembers that Ahem also used to say like that and he wanted kheer everytime. Jaggi also says like that. Gopi cries and she says she will make kheer. Jaggi becomes happy. Dharam thinks where is Meera and why she didnot came yet. Naiya knocks and Dharam thinks Meera came. Naiya says Meera will come late as She is in Ritesh’s room as he is not fine. Dharam becomes shocked. Jaghi makes pyramid of cards. Jai and Veeru becomes happy. Urmila come and asks Jaggi to see pictures of people which Ahem used to meet. Jigar meets Mansi and gives her fingerprints of Ahem and says now dont do anything like you said. Mansi says no she will not do anything. Jigar becomes worried and thinks what will happen now.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Meera falls and Ritesh holds her. Dharam becomes angry. Kokila says what happened. Urmila says Jaggi cannot become like Ahem. He is not willing to do anything.Kokila says God has sent Jaggi as protector and he will surely save us. Pari says they cannot live calmly and some problems arise everytime. Jigar becomes sad. Mansi comes with police and lawyer and says we will find out the truth now. Jigar becomes tensed. She says call that duplicate Ahem. Jaggi becomes mad and says how dare you talk like that. Gopi asks Mansi to stop. Mansi says she has fingerprints of Ahem and she will take Jaggi fingerprints and everything will be cleared as fingerprints cannot match with each other.

Pari says Mansi thought well. She brings a fingerprints specialist. Jaggi says he doesnot have anyone’s fear. Urmila thinks Jaggi has not done right by saying this. Mr shastri takes out his equipments. He asks Jaggi to put his hand on stamp on pad and then put on paper. He starts doing research. Jaggi asks if his fingerprints will match. Urmila scolds him that everybody has different fingerprints. He becomes shocked. Urmila becomes shocked. Mansi says she knows fingerprints will not match. Shastri says fingerprint matches and he is Ahem modi. Everyone gets shocked. Kokila thinks how this miracle happened. Mansi asks him to check again. Police says you wasted our time and you should have checked before. Mansi says he cannot be her Ahem. Gopi asks what did she said. Gopi says to get out. Kokila thinks how this could happen.

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