Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2016 Episode Written Updates: Gopi’s Gets Caught In Dangerous Fire!

Gopi's death

A man puts gun on Gopi and then.  Sona comes out and goes. She comes back and sees her daughters were not there. She panicks. Pari and Mona changes their look and comes as Garbage pickers.

She takes money from that box. Sona sees her babies in balcony and takes relief. Mona and Pari as garbage pickers pastes all money in saree and takes money out. Gopi comes in and thinks she will take the money and count it so as she can give money to Mr. Belgi. Gopi sees them going out. She asks who are they. She says they are garbage pickers. Kokila also sees them and asks them to have food. Urmila sells sarees and Customers comes. Kokila forces them to have food. Pari says they are in hurry.

Gopi's death

Gopi panicks and asks Sona where she kept all then money. Sona says she kept them in box and went to see her babies as they were missing. Gopi again checks. Sona says these garbage pickers came there.

Gopi comes and says she has to check their bags then she starts checking their bags then She finds nothing as money was in saree. Pari and Mona blames them to consider them as thieves and yells them. Gopi says sorry. Then Jai and Veeru says that some money is coming out of sarees of that ladies. Kokila sees and stops them.

She takes out saree and sees money. Money falls and a man picks it up. Gopi says its her money. Krishna also beats him then that man takes out gun and puts it on Gopi then Krishna comes. Gopi protects him and man shoots.

Meera sees Naiya wearing her jewellery. She scolds Naiya badly and insult her for doing this. Naiya starts crying. Prakash consoles her and says that i will teach Meera a strict lesson. Gopi and all other felt worried for Krishna. Krishna says that its not a major wound. They come home and they apply bandage at the wound. He says everyone that he is fine now.

Pramila says that its just because of Gopi Krishna’s life come in danger. She says that this Gopi had turned everything wrong. She then turns the fan and Gopi’s dupatta catch fire.

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