Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Jaggi’s DNA Test

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Urvashi massages Jaggi. Jaggi says he is feeling good Urvshi says you dont care for yourself. Urvashi says you are settled here. Jaggi says i feel some connection here and i feel they are my family. Urvashi thinks i cannot tell you as i am scared what will you do. Vidya talks to Urmila. Urmila tells about temple scene. Vidya says till when maa has to handle all this and she has forgot to smile. Urmila aaks everything is fine or not. Vidya says yes. Kokila asks Gopi why she is sad and Jaggi has done many things for us. Gopi says i know he did right but i cannot forgive him.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaUrmila says please talk to Jaggi atleast. Gopi says i dont care about him. Urmila says i know you care. Gopi says he did many things and thats why i was caring. Urmila tells Kokila that Gopi went to Jaggi’s room and kept her water jug there and this proves she cares about him but she doesnot wants to confess this. Vidya calls Meera. Vidya asks why you are coming like a thief. Meera says i was hiding from Dharam ji. Vidya asks why. Meera says actually i slapped me in anger. Vidya becomes shocked. She worries and says how can you do this.

Meera becomes scares. Dharam shouts where are you Meera come out. Meera says save me. Vidya tells an idea. Meera says this will not work. Dharam shouts. Vidya goes out. Dharam asks if you saw Meera. Vidya says no i was also searching her. A man tells Pramila and Krishna about Modi bhawan. Mansi says We cannot do this. Krishna says he has plan and now no one can defeat us. Pramila says Modi family will be destroyed now. Gopi sits on chair and thinks what Jaggi did. Jaggi also remembers how Gopi taunted him. Gopi realises that Jaggi has really done many things. Prayag comes and was very tensed. He sits in a taxi and Krishna was driver of that taxi.

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