Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap SNS: Gopi Will Win The War With Jaggi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi walks to Jigar. Jigar folds his hand and says thank you to her that she saved him. Flashback starts that Jigar tells Kokila and Gopi that they will lose their house. Gopi says you proved that you are with your family and now we are united so no one can defeat us. Kokila says when Fingers gets close to each their then they becomes strong. Gopi says our plan is working. She says Mansi will not stay quiet and we have to do something. Jigar says he will act as her friend and then he will get to know about her plans. Meera and Vidya goes to Naiya and gives her gift. Vidya says its surpries for you. Naiya sees dress. Meera asks if you like this. Naiya says i like this. She says thank you to them. Naiya tells she also has a surprise. Jai and Veeru plays with Jaggi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Jaggi says he will take Jai and Veeru to show Kushti. Gopi says Jaggi’s mother is calling him from so much of time. Jaggi calls Urvashi and says what happened. Urmila asks Jai and Veeru to drink milk. Urmila says Jaggi loves her mother so much. Gopi says like Ahem used to love Kokila. She cries. Naiya shows Mayal patel that she will teach us to dance. Shravan says how will Dharam and Meera dance. Dharam says he won Garba competition. Mayal says she will teach them. She says we will do bollywood and comtemporary. Dharam says no i will not participate. Meera forces him. Mansi shouts on Jigar that her plan failed and Gopi will be happy to see her like this. Jigar asks how will you do this.

Mansi looks at newspaper. She says she knows what she has to do. Mansi calls trust. Naiya gives money to Mayal. Mayal says she has not done anything yet. Naiya says we have to increase distances between Meera and Dharam. She asks her to make differences. Vidya comes there. Vidya asks what are you doing. Naiya says she was telling Mayal. Vidya goes to see Vegetable seller. Jai and Veeru fights. Sona asks them not to fight. Jai and Veeru laughs. Trust people comes and says they are glad to see Ahem. Kokila becomes shocked to see Mrs. Shah. She says she came here to thank them and wants them to give degree to students. Media also comes . They goes to Ahem.

Mansi comes and says he is not Ahem. She says he is duplicate of Ahem. Jaggi says he is real Ahem. Gopi says Ahem is in front of her and how can she say that he is dead. Mansi says she will prove that he is not Ahem. She says you know who is that person who started this trust. She calls men holding three photographs. She asks him to put mala on that photo. Gopi writes the answer on paper. Mansi steps on that paper.

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