Jaggi Hears The Truth! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kokila tells Pryag everything and tells how she met Urvashi and asks her for Jaggi. Urvashi asked to give the name of the family. Prayag becomes shocked. Kokila says I will give them their rights. She says I have promised them.

Prayag says how. She says if I will not fulfill my promise then it will be wrong. Urvashi has brought up Jaggi alone and we cannot hide this truth that Jaggi is your son. She says this is time for everything to get solved. Jaggi says Urvashi doesn’t cares. Urvashi says you should respect everyone and why you did not touch feet of Prayag.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

He says I only greet them I know. Jai comes and plays with Jaggi. Jai asks Jaggi to come. Urvashi thinks if Jaggi doesn’t like Prayag as a stranger but then what will happen if he will know the truth. Urmila talks to Sona and says what you think Kokila is sad and what must be the reason. At night. Pramila and team come. She asks them to come out. They shout.

Everyone comes down. Kokila asks what is this. Pramila says drama will start now. Pramila says sorry to call Prayag from America. Jaggi thinks they are so mad and creates drama everywhere. Pramila says we wanted to do a DNA test.

Pramila says this will only prove when his DNA will match Prayag Modi. Mansi says this will decide. Urvashi fears that Jaggi will get to know that he is his real father. The doctor comes and says we took the reports. He asks are you sure for the reports. Sona says now everybody will get to know that Jaggi is not his son. Mansi reads reports and gets shocked. Krishna says I will read. He confidently says. Pramila says this is written that their DNA does not matches. Krishna says their DNA matches. They all gets shocked. Jaggi looks at Urvashi. Jaggi becomes shocked. Mansi says this is impossible. Police come.

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