Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Mansi Plans To Reveal Truth

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi goes to home and says Gopi destroyed everything. Pramila says what will she have and she is waiting to welcome her and she has so much of mind. Mansi gets angry and says what are you saying. Pramila says you shut up as you doesnot know who is your friend and who is enemy in this battle. Dharam writes and Naiya comes to him. She shakes his hand and tea falls on Dharam. He says its ok and he goes to change. Kokila asks Jaggi how he got to know about truth.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi says whatever Mansi said is not wrong. Truth is that we are using a stranger to make Ahem and how is this right. She says she stood as wife of a stranger. Kokila says not to think like that as we are not doing wrong. Gopi tells we are taking advantage of lie and how it can be right. Kokila says the lie which saves life that is not right. She says you cannot go to that devils and Ahem’s place cannot be taken by anybody. Gopi cries. Jigar comes to Mansi. He said sorry he came late and he is so tensed how he got information about Sarita trust. He asks her not to get tensed as we will reveal him.

Mansi gets up and says she has new plan. She slaps Jigar. Jigar gets shocked. He shouts. She says shut up and how can he think that he will make her fool and she will never know. Jigar says what you are saying. Mansi says mom and Dad saw in news and she came to know. She shows him that how Gopi is writing on paper and he is taking it. She says dont try to make me fool. She warns him that she will not spare him. Urmila and Kokila asks why you are laughing.

Jaggi made Veeru and Jai as Mansi and Gopi. Gopi sees them acting and smike. She asks if you taught them. She shouts on him and says not try to teach children things like this. She takes them to room. Jigar says oh my god she looks like cow but from inside she is lioness. Urmila worries. Jaggi asks what happened. Urmila says its not like that Gopi doesnot laughs but sometimes situations comes like this and we cannot laugh. Kokila tells after death of Ahem Gopi never laughed and she has dream to see Gopi laughing. Jaggi says not to worry as he will fulfill Kokila’s dream.

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