Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Mansi Believes That Ahem Came Back Watch Episode 26th Sep 2016

Gopi says maybe Mansi will say no as Lady’s heart is so deep and the lady has some deep thoughts that she cannot express. She says maybe her heart says yes and brain says no.  Jaggi says I will win her heart. She falls and Jaggi lifts her up. Gopi says put me down. Jaggi says no I will take you. Gopi forces. Jaggi keeps her down.

He says to see how fast I  understand. Mansi thinks that Gopi wants to prove Jaggi as Ahem. Mansi says she is normal and she will understand everything. Mansi says she wants you to stay alone. Gopi says there will be something that only Mansi knows about Ahem. Meera says I understand.

saath-nibhana-saathiyaMeera says yes. Meera says Mansi gave pink shirt and diamond ring to Ahem and she said when he will accept her then he should wear this. Meera says maybe he lost that. Vidya says no maybe it is in the store room. Gopi says I will try to find then inform you. She says this is the final time we have to try.

Gopi and Sona search in the store room. Sona gets that pink shirt. Gopi says this is that shirt. Gopi asks to find ring also. They also get a case but does not find the ring. Sona says I will check again. Urmila brings ring and says if you are searching this. Sona says yes and you stole this. Urmila says this is weird that Ahem has kept all these things carefully.

Gopi says Ahem was also like this and he never wanted to hurt anyone. Sona asks what we will do now. Gopi says I will tell how to use this shirt. Sahir sees  Mansi is sleeping. Urmila says let’s start the work. Mansi listens to Ahem’s voice. Jaggi comes as Ahem. She says this is not possible as Ahem died and I saw him.

Then Ahem says, Mansi. She gets shocked and thinks how is this possible. He comes wearing pink shirt and Ring. She remembers Ahem and those happy moments. She thinks Ahem is mine and no one can snatch him from her.  Ahem says see Mansi I have come back and I wore this shirt also which you brought for me. She gets shocked.

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