Salman-Anushka Starring ‘Sultan’ Movie Review Live Audience Updates Box Office Collection Figures

Sultan movie reviews

A  movie which is focusing on the Hard-work and dedication of a well known Wrestler named as the Sutan Ali Khan who is one of those legends of the India whose name is still known to be the best and never defeated king of Wrestling.

The movie is basically based on the person who is really very effected because of the personal and professional life conflicts and have to suffer a alot because of this thing but still he manages to somehow tackle to all this and make his way once again to the rings in which he was known to be as the king.

Sultan movie reviews

The movie is Starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma as the main lead roles of the movie. The trailer of the movie is very much enough to shake and make the audience who are crazy behind the movies of Salman khan, and can do anything for him. But that’s not the only matter why the movie will going to see a major effect and will try to break all the records of the box-office and even the collection records of Salman itself.

Some times it looks like that Salman is challenging himself that, lets see who breaks the record and do the thing every-time. He always manages to break hiss own record on the box-office and make the movie an amazingly fantastic hit. This movie does have so many admirers and so do the Makers of the movie. The movie is released tomorrow and is waiting for the response of the audience who are watching the movie right now and also those who are at  the very end of the movie.

The movie has made so many efforts and has put so much production capital in making the movie. So there must be expectation about the movie to break all the records, The movie has got 4 stars by the critics and have impressed them so much.

The audience has said that “Sultan” does have a very interesting story that offers a brilliant message to the public. Aditya Chopra has created an arresting screenplay and he has embedded some commercial ingredients that make the film a good entertainer. The director has a good grip on the narration, which keeps viewers engaged throughout the movie.

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