Sambhav Ask Suhani To Come! Suhani Si EK Ladki 22th September 2016 Written Updates


The episode starts when Dadi was telling to a men that fill this pits but Suhani comes and ask her them to stop. Everyone sees her and Dadi Ask that what happened now the visarjan has completed now. She informs everyone that yuvraaj is missing and I found his phone in Saurabh’s room.

She says I have doubt that he is in the trunk she ask them to bring that trunk up. Sharad and Saurabh get the trunk out of that pit. Everyone got shocked to to see yuvraaj inside the trunk. They get him out of trunk suhani starts crying while seeing him like this. Sambhav comes and sees they found yuvraaj.

suhaniPratima says what happened to yuvraaj while suhani was angrily looking sambhav and says you don’t have right to kill anyone whom you dislike. Sharad says thanks to suhani who stopped us we had no idea that yuvraaj is inside that trunk.

Pratima says take him inside everyone go to house and Saurabh call inspector that someone tries to kill yuvraaj. Dadi Ask who can do such cheap kind of thing. Menka says ask to sambhav. Another side sambhav sign suhani to save him from this situation and shows her bomb’s remote.

Suhani start defending him rags and menka ask her that  why didn’t he tell us when he found the box heavy. Sambhav says I told everyone that It’s pooja’s item in this box. Suhani says we can not blame anyone without having any proof. She says sambhav can’t do anything like this everyone Knows him very well.

Sambhav says I’m also worrying for yuvraaj and you all are doubting me. Suhani says Sambhav told me to check the box once. Dadi says whoever did this cheap thing he will get punished. Yuvraaj looks her and think about whatever she said. He thinks that there is something wrong which is going wrong.



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