Samsung Galaxy Note 7 New Variant With Dual Safety Band Still Reported With Overheating Problem By Users


Bad days for Samsung are not behind yet, while last month when the Galaxy Note 7 launched report of the phone exploding came from all across the globe. These chain of events began shortly after a man reported his Note 7 has exploded while it charging, what was once thought to be a rare event, overnight became Samsung’s biggest fear.


Even though some people even dismissed by stating that their handsets were not even heating up let alone blast, more reports came in of the Note 7 getting blown to bits. The company then issued a Worldwide recall of their most anticipated flagship device this year. Samsung has been doing everything in their power since then to regain the trust of users, but now once again there is some troubling news for Samsung.

Some people who got their handsets replaced are still reporting about some battery issues not only that, even Samsung is not denying the problem and they issued a preliminary response to these issues. Earlier this week the brand notified that they are looking into the matter and have even launched an investigation that the batteries are overheating which should have been safe according to them.


Samsung even stated that the batch of handsets which was sold in China was not over heating and was defects free, as the batteries for those phones were not being supplied when the explosive batteries were made in their subsidiary. But even some users from China have also reported of their handset getting so overheated, that they can sometimes no longer be able to hold the device against their face.

Samsung confirmed that it would be looking into the claims, and it has since issued a preliminary response. “We would like to reassure everyone that new Note 7 phones are operating properly and pose no safety concerns. In normal conditions, all smartphones may experience temperature fluctuations,” the company told USA Today. Samsung has promised to dig deeper into the matter, hence we can expect the defect to be handled in the coming days. This is it, for now, stay tuned for more updates and interesting articles.

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