Samsung TabPro S Gold Edition Is Not What It Actually Looks! Comparison Of Specs Unveiled


Samsung might be going through bad times right now, as after the major issues which has been raised because of explosions in the latest released Samsung Note 7.  But they are still trying to get their reputation and trust back with this new upgrade in an older version. The one of the biggest smartphones and gadgets creator and producer in the world has again tried to get back his lost reputation with a whole new upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

Samsung TabPro S which has already got released once is now relaunched with some quite new upgrades, and as it is one of its only Samsung device which runs on Window 10 rather than on Android. The device was officially unveiled at the CES in January and was going well on sale through both offline and online sales, but a sudden decision by Samsung to upgrade the device with some features and give it a whole new look which is termed as well tried fact to cover up their growing case and issues with the Note 7.


While there are still so many factors which will affect the sales of this upgraded device too and that was all because of the latest Note 7 Fiasco and then the sudden degrade in the sales worldwide. While there are so many countries which have banned the Samsung smartphone users from entering into the air flights because of security concerns and this is one of the latest ban being made by the US government.

The company has coated device with a gold paint from outside and it is now ‘Galaxy TabPro Gold Edition’, while this is the only change which it has taken from the outside and some of the upgrades in the device are also done from inside too.

So here are the changes in the device:
1. The device now comes with double the power of RAM which is changed from 4GB to 8GB, which is one of the biggest change which has taken place in the device and it’s quite noticeable too.

2. The other upgrade is that it is now packed with a 256GB od SSD by default.

3. While there are no changes in the display which is same, AMOLED Full HD+ Display, which runs on impressive 2,160*1,440 resolution.

4. The Device will be powered by 2.2 GHz Intel Core M3 processor which will allow the device to run with little or no noise at all.

5. With a complete charge within Two and a half hour, the device will going to get charge of 5,200 mAh battery which will going to last up for around 10.5 hour of video playback. But as the last claimes of the device didn’t get too correct this might be a tough one to believe. But as the last claimes of the device didn’t get too correct this might be a tough one to believe.

6. The TabPro is loaded with a 5MP rear and 5MP front facing snapper which is not very much great when compared with other devices for selfies and video chats.

7. The biggest noticable thing in the Samsung TabPro is that it runs on Window 10 Instead of Android which is the most differntiable thing for this device than Samsung’s own devices, Tablets or from any other brand device, because most of the tablet device runs on Android versions.

8. To give a full-fledged competiton the device is loaded with keyborad cover like the Microsoft, Surface Pro 5 & Apple’s iPAd Pro.

9.The device most highlighted drawback is the price which rounds to $999.99, so its not a very great deal for those who are looking for a budgeted version with not so much exceptional upgrades, but its not a very big surprise for many guys.

Now the summary of the above: The device seems to be very impressive but actually there is nothing very exceptionally great about this device, rather than just doubled RAM from 4GB to 8GB and a whole new premium looks to the old version. The high price seems to fade away the looks and upgrades which are not that much much impressive.

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