Samsung Will Offers a ‘Beast Mode’ in Galaxy S8

Samsung Will Offers a 'Beast Mode' in Galaxy S8

A Samsung trademark filing has revealed the mysterious ‘Beast Mode’, a possible piece of software intended to ship next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung would offer a ‘Beast Mode’ in its flagship smartphone.

Although the trademark registration does not mention what exact device Beast Mode will be applied to. The term ‘Beast Mode’ will be applied to the following: Smartphones, mobile phones, Application software for smartphones, PC software, Notebook computers, computers, Tablet PCs, Potable computers and Notebooks.

That is a fairly exhaustive list of technologies, but there is a clear trend towards ‘Beast Mode’ being used on portable devices, as well as taking form as a piece of software. Android users are becoming used to different modes that have a bearing on their smartphone’s power. Android’s latest version comes with a ‘performance mode’, users are becoming more familiar with the battery saver mode, and other manufacturers have added their own modes to the basic Android OS.

The recent leaks on the specifications of the Galaxy S8 suggest the handset will ship with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip backed up by 8 GB of RAM.

The ‘Beast Mode’ seems will be an app or widget that users of Samsung smartphone will be able to use to boost the performance of thier phone. Samsung could quite easily extend ‘Beast Mode’ to its range of notebooks or Galaxy tablets too, performance boosting is common place in the computer market, after all.

The Beast Mode would also represent Samsung’s return to the cutting edge of smartphone technology.

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