Sandi Kuthirai Movie Review Ratings 1st Day Box Office Collection

Sandi Kuthirai

Here one of the most awaited film was released on the big screens today and really have a good response from the audience worldwide. Sandi Kuthirai was released today on the big screens, as it is 5th August 2016 and Sandi Kuthirai is on the big screens for the audience. Sandi Kuthirai is directed by the very talented and so known person of the Tollywood film industry Anbumathi. He had done more of the Tollywood films in his career and had contributed a lot to the Tollywood film industry. And here in Sandi Kuthirai he put his best efforts in the film and really appreciated by the audience.

Sandi Kuthirai

Sandi Kuthirai is featuring more of the amazing stars of Tollywood film industry and which includes Rajkamal, Manasa, Delhi Ganesh in the main leading role of the film and they all had done a great job with their characters in the film. specially Rajkamal and Manasa they both did an splendid acting which is really loved by the audience. And they got succeed to attract a large number of audience towards it. The trailer of the film was released few days back before the official release of the film on the various social media platforms and on YouTube.

Which had attracted a large number of audience towards it and the audience were attracted towards the film in a large number. The one who had watched the trailer of Sandi Kuthirai is just said that the story of Sandi Kuthirai is quite impressive and interesting and they really like the characters played in the film. The makers of Sandi Kuthirai having a lot of expectations from the film and they had put their best to the film. The story of Sandi Kuthirai is very interesting and amazing and it had attracted a large number of audience towards it. The related tracks and the music of Sandi Kuthirai is already released on the YouTube and various music sites which is really loved by the audience.

People having a craze for the film and they are extremely waiting for the film to be on the big screens. The audience is getting mad for the film since the trailer of Sandi Kuthirai was released on YouTube and really loved by the audience. Sandi Kuthirai got a positive response from the audience as well as from the critics. They give a positive reviews to the film and had guesses that it will going to be a big hit from the Tollywood film industry of the year 2016.

The story of Sandi Kuthirai is damn interesting as it took place in and out of the Pudukottai district, and includes Ravi and Keerthi who are in love with each other. Ravi is a guy who makes mud horses. Ravi, Keerthi, Gokul and Sudha who lead their simple lives peacefully in a village in Tamilnadu. Their is a lot of twists and turns in the film which will lead the audience more entertainment and more fun. Overall the film got a good reviews from the audience and from the critics as well. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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