Sanyukt 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Govardhan Place Condition To His Children


The serial Sanyukt is running on the expectations of a father from his sons. He is thinking about a united family which his father wants. The last episode starts with Ila who is planning for a party. Govardhan looks at her and thinks for his sons. He then takes a lot of stress and puts a hand on his chest. Ila gets shocked seeing him unconscious on a bed. She calls someone for help and then the doctor. The doctor comes for the checkup and says that he gets a heart attack and you must take care of him. Ila nods and Govardhan’s sons come  there.

SanyuktThey get tensed for him and starts blaming him for his condition.  Govardhan thinks on and says that he gets fine soon and he is happy that his sons considered and tensed about him. Ila gets sad at this and thinks on. She tells Govardhan that everything will get fine soon and he doesn’t need to take any kind of stress. Govardhan is worried and says that I don’t think that the things will change now.

Govardhan then gets a call from his brother Ramesh and tells him that Ila informed him about his health. Govardhan says that he is fine but just in stress for the family. Ramesh tells him to be calm  and free. He then asks him that he is coming to their house in some moments. Govardhan tells the same to Ila and asks her to make some dishes. Ila gets happy and says that Ramesh is returning after a very long time.

Ramesh comes to Govardhana and greets him. Govardhan then shares his feeling with him and gets worried thinking that everyone had left him in the way. Ila comes there and sits with them. Ramesh then tells them both that a car factory is going to built near to your house and because of that Haveli’s value gets increased by 22 crores. Ila and Goverdhan get shocked at this. Then Goverdhan says to sell the haveli and Ila gets stunned by this. Ramesh asks him that if he will sell this haveli in which he has many memories of his father. Goverdhan gets aimed and says that I had taken a final decision now. Ramesh then  thinks on and offers his haveli against Govardhan haveli to him. Goverdhan gets agree at this.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Govardhan’s children gets in the haveli. They all gets astonished by seeing such a big and grandeur haveli. Govardhan then tells them that he will let this haveli for them on a condition if they all get ready to live as one family. The children start thinking on at this. Now it will be interesting to see that did the children gets agree for this or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Sanyukt like this.

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