Sasural Simar Ka 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates SSK: Anjali Leaves House

Sasural Simar Ka

In the last episode Anjali was mopping the temple. She said that she never imagined she would do this. Prem came there and said her that he is so proud of her. Prem said that his daughter is an adult and told her to ask for what she waant. Anjali said that can she go out, she is so bored. Prem said that ask Simar once. Anjali said that she would say no. Simar said that she can go if she want. Simar said that there is just one condition she will have to take pyray with her for her security. Anjali said fine. Rashani was crying. Rohan asked her what happened. Roshni said that she asked Piyush for garba but he was so rude.

Sasural Simar KaRohan said to Roshni that Piyush is tensed. Rohan said to her lets go for shopping. He said that he wont play garba with her if she don’t buy a new dress. Roshni said lets go. Khushi said on call that the passes are with her. Simar was looking in Khushi’s room. Simar saw the passes in her room and said who sent them. Simar was checking khushi’s phone. khushi came in her room. She said to Simar that what she doing in her room. Simar said that she came to apologize for last night. Simar left from her room. Anjali said to Khushi that how should she do her hair for gala. Simar said fish tail braid. Simar said that they all going to garba.

Anjali said to Khushi that how will they execute their plan. Khushi said that their plan is fool proof. Simar prepared for next day. She said that she will take Anjali with her.

In today’s episode Pari says to Khushi that what is she hiding from her. Khush says a letter. Pari reads the letter which says I am leaving this house forever, Anjali. Khushi says because of Anjali the becam one again.

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