Sasural Simar Ka 12th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Khushi Gives Advance To Savant

Sasural Simar Ka

In the last episode of Sasural Simar Ka, we had seen that Anjali is trying Raj’s phone but he is not picking it up. She then says that don’t know where he had gone with his phone. Kb says that this will become a hurdle in our plan now. Anjali asks her to not worry and keeps on trying Raj’s phone. Simar comes there with Prem and searches Piyush.

Sasural Simar KaPiyush then comes to her and greets her. Roshni also comes there and greets them. Simar then  asks about Rohan and Roshni says that he is parking the car. Piyush then sees Prem and goes to touch his feet. Piyush steps back and says that there is no need to all this. Piyush asks him to bless him being an elder. Prem gets fume at this and looks on at Simar.

Anjali and Rohan are outside the court and gets collided. Anjali taunts Rohan and says that she is waiting for her partner. Rohan says that same and ask Anjali to do entry as a couple as we don’t have any other options. They both do the same and Kb also gets inside with his team. Anjali gets in anger at this and Rohan looks on at her. Prem asks Simar that what did Piyush doing here. Simar asks him to be relaxed and starts doing Aarti.

Kb sees Simar who is Sawant actually. Kb then says to Anjali to go as he will come later. Simar and Prem start dancing and Simar gets hit on her head. Prem and Piyush manage her and make her sit. Khushi gets Anjali outside and Simar prays for Anjali. Khushi says to Kb that this is the right time. Simar prays for Anjali.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Khushi is talking to someone on call and says that this is the time to get the plan to succeed. She says that I don’t want anything wrong this time. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Sasural Simar Ka like this.

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