Sasural Simar Ka 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates SSK Online: Prem Takes Simar To Temple

Sasural Simar Ka

The last episode, of Sasural Simar Ka, starts with Simar who gets aimed and says that I can’t take a step back now after reaching to this level. She says that I have to do this now. Prem says that he can’t do anything now and fed up by this all. Simar and Prem then leave from there and come home. Anjali and Khushi come in front of them and starts scolding them saying they have to be ashamed of what they had done.

Sasural Simar KaSimar then defends herself and says that we are not guilty of anything and so that come back here. Khushi and Anjali shout at her and says that we had now get to know about your link ups and we will tell this to everyone. Simar says to them that you are thinking all wrong and will get know the truth soon. She then sees Prem getting unconscious and takes him inside the house. Anjali and Khushi fume at them and goes.

Prem then starts scolding Simar and says that we can’t do this more and can’t lie to Mataji. They both then goes to talk to Mataji. They get shocked to see her fainted and calls the doctor. Doctor come and says them not to give any kind of stress to her. Mataji wakes up and Prem says that everything is going to fine soon. Simar looks on at him.

Then the pooja gets started and Simar and Prem come there to perform the rituals. Then Anjali comes there and ask them to stop. She says that they both are acting and Simar goes to Calcutta to have fun. Simar and Prem get shocked at this and Mataji to ask them to stop. The lawyer comes with the inspector and says to arrest Simar. Prem stops them and tells the truth. Anjali gets shocked by this and lawyer leaves.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Khushi blames Prem and Simar again. She asks them that she had seen them in the temple if they are saying true then why you filled her hairline with sindoor. Prem takes Simar to the temple and does that same again. They all gets shocked at this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Sasural Simar Ka like this.

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