Satyajeet Dubey Starrer Movie Kerry On Kutton Movie Review Opening Box Office Collection

Kerry on Kutton

Kerry On Kutton, movie will going to release today, its 1st July 2016, and the movie was directed by one of the top most director of Bollywood film industry, Ashok Yadav who did very well in the movie story as we can saw in the trailer which has already released a few months before.The story of the film was written by Himanshu Onkar Tripathi and the screenplay is done by the director of the film itself.

Film is featuring  Aradhana Jagota as a character named jyoti , she has a graceful acting and humor in herself, Aditya Kumar playing a character named Kadambri and has a quality to bring the given role with perfection and the third one is Deep Raj Rana who is named as Laal Dhaari and they all are the leading roles in the film.

Kerry on Kutton
Kerry on Kutton is a story of four teenagers who are living in a distorted small town in India named Ballia amnd also known as the city of rebels. coincidentally these teenagers gone tothe dark side of  bad criminals. Kerry who has and ambition to break his virginity in his life. Kadambari who don’t want to take over hs family legacy of band party ane he wants to become a millionaire by generating some black money from the bad and a unique work.

As his Rajesh Chacha do, he steals all type of high breed puppy to get some money for his living and to fulfil his dreams.Suraj is one of the character playing a role of a struggling person with his life, Suraj wants  to gift a touch is girlfriend or we can say to her love but  he is not able to afford because his dangerous father and Jyoti who uses her beauty always to blackmail her lovers to achieve her demands.

As we saw the trailer of Kerry On Kutton is so good and feels amazingly real, on Youtube and Indian televison.
According to that we can just assume that how it can reach the expected income and reviews of the film, but the audience really appreciate the film story and loved the characters in the movie and we wish best to the director and producers of the movie for their upcoming movie, film has a good and attractive story and it can earn a lot fom the box office.

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