Save Your Snap Now! Snapchat Introduces New Memories Feature Have A Look


Snapchat , one of the amazing app for your phones which lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world and explore it. Here Snapchat had revealed a new feature in their app which will allow the users to save their content whether its their loving picture or videos, and it is really a great change for the amazing social messaging app, which is widely used for sharing photos and videos, which will disappear within a day.


Here the new feature came up with a name “Memories”, it is an album which will really going to make the users very happy as they can save their photos and videos which they can upload later to their stories, a slide show of contents that disappears after 24 hours. and for now the photos and videos are being uploaded immediately after being recorded.

The snapchat is one of the amazing app which every phone user should have in their phones that it is always known for immediacy, reliability and simplicity to takes shots and the main platform of social netowork like Facebook. Few year , and the Snapchat had added advertising and sponsored contents as the company grews up its value by $18 billion.

It has the user between the age of 25 – 34 in United States and had created its new users about 40% , as its user base just gotten older. Snapchat has a large number of  daily users of 150 million, according to the last month reports from Bloomberg , as compare to Twitter, it has a difference of 10 millions between them, as Twitter has 140 million daily users.
Here now the new feature Memories will enable you to save your precious memories in a way that they can share their things to their friends and their loved ones and also post them into their stories.
Snaps also can be set at the feature of “My Eyes Only”, which is enable the to hide their stuff, and will not enable their friend to seeing up their snaps. The new feature is going to be so useful for the users and also increases its value as well

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