SBI Employee Dies Of Heart Attack After Collapsing In Bank

SBI Employee Dies Of Heart Attack After Collapsing In Bank

Here a very shocking news which is really shocking and a serious problem to think on had come that an SBI bank employee gets died during the whole process. Rampantule Vankatesh who was a customer assistant in SBI branch at Gandhi Nagar. He tells his college staff members that he was feeling uneasy and then he was taken to the nearby hospital. This is seriously a thing to think on and shows the critical situations people are following.

SBI Employee Dies Of Heart Attack After Collapsing In BankRespected prime Minister of India had announced on 8th November 2016 that the currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 will become illegal tender from 9th November 2016. This makes the people shocked and from two days after long queues of people can be seen who goes to exchange their money and to deposit that in their account. The decision is made to get the black money holder arrested and to make the economy run positively.

People are facing many problems by the change in currency and many news is coming from different areas. This is really a serious topic to think on. Many people had raised voice against this but some are in favour for the great decision taken by Prime Minister. This is calling to be the greatest decision after independence India. People are facing the inconvenience but they are also understanding that this will benefit them.

The government had also given some benefits to the people to change the currency to reduce the pressure and crowd from the bank. Nowadays we can see long queues out of banks and ATM. The government is doing several changes in the working process for the people’s convenience. The incidence which happens at Gandhi Nagar on Friday because of the great rush as the people is notified that the bank will remain closed on Saturday. Stay tuned with us for more latest news and feeds like this.


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