Scientist discover million-year-old monkey fossil in underwater cave

A team of scientists have discovered an ancient monkey species once found in the Caribbean about 1 million years ago, reported the Science Journal on Sept. 4, 2015.

The monkey fossils were discovered after researchers recovered a fossil tibia belonging to the monkey species from an underwater cave in Altagracia, Dominican Republic.

The fossil was found embedded in a limestone rock dated using the Uranium-series technique.

The monkey fossil was about the size of a small cat that probably lived mainly on a diet of fruits and leaves.

Scientist were conducting research for this rare fossil remains since 2009 to find out how these animals lived in the unique island atmosphere.

The quoted Dr Helen Green of the Melbourne University of Earth Sciences as saying: “The presence of endemic new world monkeys on the Caribbean islands is one the great questions of biogeography and our work on these fossils shows Antillothrix existed on Hispaniola relatively morphologically unchanged for over a million years.

“By establishing the age of these fossils, we have changed the understanding of primate evolution in this region.”

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