‘Scofield Will Lose His Brother Lincoln In The End’ ‘Prison Break’ Season 5′: Latest Spoilers Updates


Due to the thrilling end of season 4, the viewers are really jumpy for  season 5  after the 7 years break.

Careful As this post contain spoilers for season 5″PRISON BREAK”                                         In the previous season Sara had a mysterious scar that got us stuck in the show and now in this season she has a new husband (As shown in the trailers) . This mysterious person is the new gossip talk  right now everyone is curious to know, who is he ? Not only this Michael Scofield is maybe associated with a terrorist  group ISIS and ISA . Due to which he is in prison in Yemen . Wentworth miller playing (Michael Scofield) uncovered the fact that in the tv series his character started working under an organisation secretly which did illegal transactions .That’s why he ended up being in prison in Yemen.

prison-break-season-5-2Yet it is not sure which organisation he works under but lincoln burrow (Dominic Purcell) said that season 5 may contain ISIS and ISA,meaning the terrorist group will  play a part in ensuring that Michael Schofield doesn’t get out of the prison.

Many must be judging Sara after watching the trailer of season 5 in which there are hints that she must have remarried and settled down but there are no such proof of it right now , even if she has she isn’t being selfish everyone already thinks that Michael is dead and she is also visiting his grave with his son.

As her son says in the trailer ” how was my father, like my real father ?”  this does give us a hint that there is someone new in this season that  is making it more exciting.

There are guesses going on about the new husband Sara has , according to the previous season’s paul Kellerman can possibly  be her husband as there is a really nice love story fitting in between ( according to the audiences ) .

He appeared in  season 1 and wanted us as a villain on that season but as like all good villains he had a change of heart and in season 4 became a congressman , now as he cares about are its really ideal him to marry her after falling in life with her.

Well, not everything is going as we like . But we can do is wait until it gets on the air . This season contain 10 episodes  will this be the last season of prison break or more to come to this series .

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