See World’s Largest Glass-Bottomed Bridge Of China Located 300 Metres Above The Ground

zhangjiajie park bridge

Chinese things are always quite unexpected and most of the inventions of China are quite impressive for the whole world. This is the same success which, China has done and proved this to the whole world again. China has developed the world’s highest and longest bridge which is made of Glass-bottom, the news seems quite impossible but it is true.

The 430 meters (1,400) long and suspended and located above 300 metres above the ground. The bridge is based between the canyo of two mountains which are Zhangjiajie park in China’s central Hunan province. The bridge consists of almost 99 panels which are purely made of glass and with a width of 6 meters. The capacity of the bridge at a single time is almost 800 people at the same time.

zhangjiajie park bridgeThis confirmation about the bridge given by an official who belongs to the most popular tourist destination in Zhangjiajie. The most adventurous thing is that the glass is purely transparent and you can have a clear view through the glass of the cliff which is under you. This great and thrilling idea is of Israeli Architect Haim Dotan, and this will be more adventurous and spine-chilling while doing bungee jumping or ride a zip line. This is not the very first time a glass bridge is made and after an incident which happened and endangered many lives at the Yuntai mountain in Northern Henan.

zhangjiajie park bridge chinaThe security and safety are the biggest concern for the Zhangjiajie authorities and they have eagerly done all the demonstrations on the bridge which are very important for the safety and precaution concern. There is a competition which happened to show the strength and might of this bridge, the competition gives an open challenge to the try to break it with a sledgehammer and even ramming a car over the bridge the bridge stayed without any harm or even a scratch. The important thing is that the price of the ticket to the bridge is 138 ($20) Yuan and the only limited number of people are allowed to visit and the limit is 8000.

zhangjiajie park bridge images

There is a certain connection which is made to the relation of this bridge with Zhangjiajie park to the Floating Mountain in the famous blockbuster hit American movie ‘Avatar’.

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