Seeds Saved Birds From Mass Extinction 66 million years ago

Seeds Saved Birds From Mass Extinction

Our planet witnessed mass extinction before 66 million years ago, and during that time more than 70 percent of the living beings got wiped out from Earth’s surface.

Studies indicate that this mass extinction resulted in the end of dinosaur era, but now a new research claim that not all the dinosaurs have extincted!!!

A paper published in Current Biology journal on April 21, 2016 clearly states that a class of feathered theropod dinosaurs better known as birds survived the extinction.

The team of paleontologists confirms that birds survived extinction as a result of a seedy affair. Munching on seeds is touted to be the main reason which helped birds in saving their lives.

The study team told that after the apocalyptic asteroid impact, seeds were the most abundant food resources which were available in Earth.

Derek Larson, lead author of the report tells that birds have survived feeding on these seeds, as they will stay intact in our planet even for five decades. He also added that most of the herbivores died during this period as plants struggled to grow after the asteroid impact.

Experts believe that birds in modern world came from maniraptoran dinosaurs, a clade of small theropod dinosaurs. Members in this species who have teeth have died as they failed to pick seeds from the ground. But birds who have beak, successfully overcome the disaster, and they still live in the planet.

Before making this conclusion, Derek Larson and his team collected data from 3,104 fossilized teeth from four different maniraptoran families. After studying diversity of teeth, he made this revelation which is quite surprising in nature.

He added that the team were able to reconstruct a hypothetical ancestral bird after analyzing the diet of modern birds. Larson believes that today’s birds wont be there if they do not have beaks during the time of apocalyptic event.

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