‘Selena Gomez’ Is In Rehabilitation Facility At Nashville, Tennessee!


This news will surely go to shock a lot of people as the one of the topmost singer/artists and actress Selena Gomez is going through retaliation as she is founded with serious mental health issues and  major problems which consist of anxiety, panic attack and depression.

While this news has been confirmed by major news and entertainment sites, this 24 years singing superstar is now in Tennessee treatment facility since announcing it on August 30 about her health and cancelling all her schedules and programmes.

selena-gomezThe news is also confirmed by some very close resources of him, that Selena is dealing with ‘Lupus’ and this break is also for her to focus on her health, while she is going to a ‘dark place’ while the place is also near Nashville as a ‘private and quiet’ place to give her some time alone and rest from the situations which she is going on right now.

While this is not the place which she has been found to cure her alone nature, she was also found with her family in Alcoa, Tennessee Texas roadhouse with her mother and step-father on 8th October.

Some of the close resources to Selena told that she was found to be happy there and no possible doubts about her health are found in her while she stopped at the home. All her new plans and programmes have been cancelled after she has announced of taking some time alone and before transferring to The Dark, ‘Private and quite’ place.

But the place was also referred to as ‘super intense’ one. She later confirmed herself that she wants to take some time off from her work and to stay alone for some time as she was diagnosed and is considering herself getting symptoms of Lupus.

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