Server Down Issue: WhatsApp faced global outage along with frustration among users

WhatsApp is considered to be an undisputed king of messaging and chatting. Almost every smart phone has a WhatsApp application loaded in it. And if some problem arises in its function then you can estimate the frustration level among the users. Recently on August 31, many users complained about server down the problem of their favorite chatting app WhatsApp. This global blackout comprised of many problems. Some people complained about the connection problems and other faced trouble in sending and receiving messages. Many users told that their WhatsApp calls are not going through and voices are garbling all the time. One of the users from India informed that he got a message saying ‘WhatsApp Servers are busy’ when he tried to reinstall the app.

Data revealed by Down Detector

Independent website DownDetector, which monitors social comments regarding any tech related issues across the globe, reported that the famous messaging app is having server down issues as well as connection issues. According to the data collected by the DownDetecter,22 percent users faced login issues and 30 percent users faced problem in message sending and receiving on August 29. But on August 31 it was revealed that around 47 percent of the users were facing connection issues on WhatsApp.

Most of the affected users were from northern Europe, Brazil and Mexico. It is reported that WhatsApp has taken this issue seriously and it has immediately resolved the issue. Many upset users showed their frustration through Twitter. Some informed about their problems and some took the sarcastic and funny way to show their disappointment. WhatsApp faced a similar type of issue earlier this year in May where the Facebook-owned chat app went offline for thousands of users and following that it issued a statement regarding the disruption of the service. Although the problem was fixed within hours, once again people have complained about the server problem and connection issues on August 31.

WhatsApp should ensure top-notch user experience

As we know WhatsApp has been trying very hard to provide the best user experience by adding lots of features along with the default messaging interface, hence it should ensure that people do not face any problem regarding connection and messaging. As many people are dependent on WhatsApp for chatting and messaging, hence a little bit of connection issue can frustrate them a lot. A few days ago, Facebook and photo-sharing platform Instagram also showed similar type of server down issues which created frustration among users. But for now everything is working fine and people can smoothly operate their favorite chatting app-WhatsApp

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