‘Shadow World’: Movie Audience Reviews & Response


Now The Movies are taking serious points out from the world and is pointing out those ‘mistakes’ which should be stopped or they will show us the worse without the hell.

The latest documentary ‘Shadow World’ which is being made by Johan Grimonprez’s (Double Take) and it examines the shady world of the arms trade in order to shed light on the malfeasance that occurs right under our feets and eyes every single day. The movie which is based on Andrew Feinstein’s book “The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade” and is being produced by Joslyn Barnes (LOuverture Films) and Anadil Hossain.

shadow worldThe movie straightly focuses on the world’s largest and most terrifying arms deal ever made in the world. While also marking the involvement and deeply investigating about these deals, exploring how it gets the legal face and turns out to be a normal deal like others and the high level leaders which are never prosecuted for their crime.

While the poster for the movie is being created by renowned artist and freelance writer Dwayne Booth who is also known as “Mr.Fish”. While the movie focuses on the element where the element of war manipulates the media to cultivate an industry of fear that in turn has created a reality which is being defined by Violence.

shadow-worls-3All the major focus is on the working of media and how they affect us through their way of presenting the news or headlines. Grimonprez also says that there is a thing like human greed and self-interest while the humans believe we can choose to embrace a different paradigm and one that is based on cooperation, conflicts transformation and dialogues.

While the movie is released today on 14 October, the movie already has its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and got a very impressive response for this exceptional yet actually true movie.

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