Shahid Kapoor’s Udta Punjab Movie Till Now Total Box Office Collection Overseas Earnings

Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab, the most controvertial film of the year 2016, and one of the film which has faced a lot of issues regarding its release on the big screens of theatres. The film was so appreciated by the audience worldwide as the story of the film was so real and cool as well, the main credit is goes to the writer and the director of the film, oh actually here we can’t neglect any person of the film who had played here , so its a team who did a great job in the film and they all are the real reason in themselve for the big success of the film. Film was in the controversy on media and on the many of social media platforms, regarding its various scenes , as the Censor board didn’t find more of the scenes , pretty much good for the general audience.

Udta Punjab

And its just created an excitement among and audience as well as a craze for the film , and to go to theatres and to have a look on the story of the film. Udta Punjab had created a buzz on the box office by its great business and positive response from the audience worldwide. The film was so amazing and the story of the film was so good and based on the real story of Punjab that how the youth of Punjab just got to the darkness by the consumption of drugs, and it is spreading in all the parts of the region of Punjab. Over all the film has created a great fan following and a business too, even it got leaked by a person on social media and internet.

The films which got released on the same time of its release, just put a break in the collection of the film Udta Punjab. As Sardaar Ji 2 has created an excitement among the audience and attracted them all towards it, so its just put an bad effect to the box office colllection of the film Udta Punjab.

On the first day of its release it comes up with a good start by collecting approx Rs.10.25 cr. on the box office and later on continuing with the same rate of earning on the next say as well, and on the third day of its release the collection rate is just got down by 75%, and had earned approx Rs. 2.5 cr. , over all Udta Punjab had earned Rs. 58.30 cr.worldwide, and did upto the expectations of the producers.

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