Shakti 9th August 2016 Epic Episode Written Updates: Surbhi Supports Soumya


Saya was sitting at Soumya’s side while she was asleep and is unconscious. She also tells that when you was a child there is some misunderstandings which your mom has told you when you were a child. She also tells her that there is nothing like that which your mom told you and tells that feel me as your mom and feel like my daughter. Harman requests to nurse about seeing his wife, Harak singh was also trying to let him go inside and see Soumya. Then nurse tells them to make sure there is no disturbance which is being created by you while going inside.


Saya promises to Soumya that there will be a new life ahead for you in this world. She also wishes him that you are lucky and blessed to have a mother like figure Nimmi, who cares for yo so much. Harak singh start talking to Soumya and says to not feel anything bad for Harman’s words. He also tells her about the importance she had in the home. Harman tells her about his love for her, he also tells her so many things about why he loves him. he also confesses his love for her and tells that how she is important for him, promises her to never hurt her or doing anything which will going to make her feel bad anytime.

Saya was hiding there and when everybody leaves from there, she was also very scared because if he again wakes the love for his family she will never going to have her on his side. Nurse tells that Nimmi’s blood doesn’t matched to Soumya’s blood, everybody starts giving their blood examples so that anybody’s blood might match her blood but nobody’s blood matches to her. Maninder ask preeto that why did she commited suicide and says that she has never done it, preeto gives that the reason is her marriage.

Nimmi and Bebe prays for Soumya and her well being Harman too joins them, then he apologizes for his doing with Soumya. Preeto ask her not to blame himself for her condition and says not to do so much regretting. Maninder then calls Surbhi and ask her that why is she so much angry from him, Surbhi isn’t angry from him, Soumya was in so much pain just because of them and she is regretting because of all this. Maninder blames Nimmi for making her go against him and think bad for him.

Saya tells to Nimmi that if their family knows about her truth, they will going to kill her, she ask Nimmi to send her with me. Listening to this she gets very shocked and shouts that Soumya will not go anywhere, but that’s just for today and says to do this any other day. Nimmi promises her to becomes her strength and will never going to leave her side, and plays as her strenth, Saya when listens to this gets very shocked.

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