Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 18th October 2016 Full Episode Written Updates: Surbhi Tells Truth To Harman


In the last episode of Shakti, we had seen that Varun looks at Preeto and notices that she is tensed. He goes to her and asks her that is she stayed like this then everyone will get a doubt on her. Shanno comes to him and asks fo the dress. Shanno taunts about Harak Singh and Preeti. Viren gets angry at this and then come to Harak Singh. He asks him that he should give any answer to the guests.

Ankit comes to Harak Singh and asks about Soumya. Ravi comes there and says that I don’t know why she hides this all from us. They all then leave for the pooja. Harak Singh gets ready to do the pooja. The guests ask for Harman and his wife. Harak Singh lies and says that they will perform the rituals next year. Preeto agrees and tells them all that Soumya is not well and is getting ready.


The man in the temple says to Harak Singh that this is all wrong and you all must hide something. He starts badmouthing against him and Harman gets angry at this. He says that he should not like this. Harak then says that if someone has a problem with this all then they can leave. The man then says that Harak Singh is cruel and can disrespect anyone. Saya then tells everyone that they will go to the temple. Saya ask Soumya to come along and get ready soon.

The man in the temple continue questioning and says that they want to know the truth. Then Maninder comes there with Surbhi and everyone thought that he had to get Soumya there. She performs the rituals with Harman and Harman thanks her. Soumya is praying to the lord. Then Soumya gets faint and Harman holds her.

Preeto starts acting and Soumya says that if I was not a kinnar then you will love me. Why don’t you tell this to everyone? In today’s episode, we are going to see that Surbhi is tensed and says that there might be someone who is giving the information to kinnar. She tells the same to Harman and Harman gets tensed. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Shakti like this.

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