Shakti Hits Rajbeer’s Head From Behind kawach 18th September 2016 Written Episode


In the going episode of Kawach, we are watching that Rajbeer gets annoyed by Pari and Arhaan’s closeness. Saudamini and Manjulika are making the plan to kill them and gets more power. The last episode starts with Arhaan is telling Pari that he will take Manjulika and Shakti out. Arhaan does the same and Pari gets in the cave. She then breaks the skull and Arhaan get much powerful. Saudamini fumes at this and says that who is helping Pari now.

kawach-kali-shaktiyon-seArhaan takes Pari to home when everyone is getting worried for her. Rajbeer looks on at this and gets tensed for Pari. He then tells Pari that Arhaan had taken her here when she wakes up and ask about the same. Saudamini comes to Bundela’s house where Arhaan comes in front of them and kicks them out. Saudamini again goes to the den and get Pari’s mother pic. She turns herself as Pari’s mother and goes back to the family.

Manjulika comes to Natasha and threatens her. She then says her to put negative feeling in Rajbeer’s heart for Pari. Pari talks to Arhaan to kill the devil spirits when Saudamini comes there as Pari’s mother and listen to everything. Arhaan tells Pari that we can save Rajbeer by locking his spirit in the locket. He then says to Pari that he will take care of this locket and nothing will happen to Rajbeer. Saudamini hears their conversation and smirks. Rajbeer thinks on when Natasha tells him wrong about Pari’s intentions.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Arhaan works as per his plan and intentionally tells Pari that if someone pulls the lever then the evil spirits become more powerful. Shakti hears them and does the same. Arhaan smirks and caught Manjulika. Then Shakti comes to Rajbeer and hits on his head. Now it will be interesting to see did Pari can save Rajbeer’s life or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kawach like this.

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