Shanti Ask How Did You Open Company Mere Angne Mein 18th September 2016 Episode

Kaushalya taunts Shivam. She says you have become a bad person and if I will need you then come with me to beat persons. He says listen to me at least. Kaushalya says I don’t want to listen. Riya comes and says I got an event and I have to go there for a meeting. Shivam says he will also come with Riya for the meeting. Riya says we got this event after so much time and we need this very much.

riyaShe says I cannot lose this event because of your anger. He becomes angry and says you go wherever you want to go. She gets upset. She talks to Kaushalaya and says she got an event of Tervi and we will manage everything carefully. Preeti goes with Pari and Pari says I will meet that boy and his elder brother and I will become your elder sister in law. She says fine. Preeti calls Lucky.

Nandu takes up the phone and sees Preeti is calling. He cuts the phone. He becomes scared that why Preeti came there and he asks Ramesh to go and talk to Preeti. He says I will manage. Preeti sees Ramesh coming and asks where is Lucky. He says you go as he is busy in his chores. Pari says no matter I will talk to you. Ramesh says sorry to Preeti for bad behavior that day.

She says no problem. Pari says you should drink or coffee with us. Preeti murmured why are you doing this. Pari says we will drink coffee for free. Riya and Nimmi go to meet a client. They see Sarla talking to someone and saying if auction will stop now. Sharma says yes but gives me money. Nimmi says what’s happening.

She adds that she has read about those cheaters who take money as a bribe. Riya says let’s record this and may be our house gets saved because of this. She makes video and calls media. Riya asks Nimmi to go and meet a client as we have to return to home before Sarla as she will create scene then. Ramesh talks to Pari. Pari says you should not get angry early. He says every girl is a cheater. Pari says not all girls are same.

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