Shanti Ask The Mortgage Amount Of House! Watch Mere Angne Mein 22nd Sep Written Episode

Shanti cries and everyone sees her. She asks her husband to show the way.  Another moment she shouts on everybody and asks what are you watching and let’s do something to save out the house. My husband has shown me the way and we should go to temples and get orders of Bhandara. Everyone gets happy.

Shanti asks them to get ready and go to the temple. Sarla thinks I will not help them and  I have to buy Shanti Sadan. Amit and Rani reach home. Amit asks Rani not to tell anyone about this. Once we will steal money and Shanti Sadan will be ours then I will make Ashok and Nirmala out of the house.

jaana na dil se doorRani says why you will make Ashok out as he is a nice person. Amit shouts what you want me or Ashok. She says I only want you no one else. He says if Ashok will.come then Nirmala will also follow him. Sarla comes to Shivam and says we will become homeless and if you had done any arrangements.

Riya comes over. She says I have arranged 50000 as I got an order and I will call bunty to sell my jewellery.  Riya tells once order will complete then we will get two lakhs. Shanti smiles and hugs Riya. She says You made me proud today and lessened the burden on my shoulders.

Kaushalya also comes and says I got an order and they will give fifty thousand to us. Shanti says great. Kaushalya asks can we be able to arrange all money. Shanti says don’t worry we will throw six lakhs rupees on the face of Officers. Everything will be fine. Riya and Shivam smiles. Bunty comes home with a lady.

Shanti shows jewellery to her. Lady looks at that and says this is so beautiful and you want to sell this. Shanti says I am not selling these but just want money by keeping this as a guarantee. Lady says I will give two lakhs for this. Shanti says see this Chandra haar and this is good. Lady says yes this is good. Shanti says her mother gave her this haar. Shanti also shows her swing and says please take this. She says I will sell this. Lady says I will  try.

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