Shanti Asks Why Does Nirmala Stay Here! Mere Angne Mein 26th September 2016 Written Episode

Shanti thinks Riya and Shivam are in jail and what will happen now. Shanti calls Sarla and says you did not come. Sarla says she was praying for them. Sarla says she will come there. Shanti asks Kaushalya to stay at home and call Raghav as everything is fine. Rani packs her bag. Nirmala asks where are you going. She says in my home. Nirmala asks not to go as that area is not good. Rani says she wants to tell her something but once Amit will.confirm then I will tell you. Nirmala asks to tell me what happened. Rani calls Amit. Rani tells I know everything about you.

mere-angne-meinRani says which house you were going to give Sarla and she has sold that house two months before. Rani says Amit has bought Shanti Sadan. Sarla says this will be your dream as she has taken money from him. Sarla says I know you provoked Amit and that’s why he stole money. Sarla asks Rani to go out and no one will live here. Rani says I have not done anything and he stole your money. She says Amit was saying that Sarla is the witch and we will make them out of the house. Sarla says ok but I will not let you stay in this house. Rani says I have done a small mistake. Amit comes crying and says he had to do this.

Sarla says you tied me and stole my money and Rani told me that you were making me out of the house. Amit says she is telling a lie and he tells Nirmala does not have any house and she has sold home. Amit shows papers. He says now I know that heaven is at her feet. Amit says make Nirmala out.

Nirmala shouts that I am the legal wife of Ashok. Sarla says you are cheating on me. Nirmala says I gave you money. Sarla says  it’s wrong. Sarla slaps Nirmala and says I have done wrong. Nirmala says I have not seen such a selfish woman who sold her husband for money. Sarla says yes I am selfish and I want you to get out. Rani says its time and you have to go. Nirmala says I will not go.

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