Shanti Expels Nirmala From House! Mere Angne Mein 25th September 2016 Written Episode

Bunty meets her aunty. She becomes sad and asks him to see that she has become fool and Shanti is a liar. She says see this news in the newspaper and their house is going to be auctioned and I will not get my money back. Bunty says don’t worry I trust Riya and she will return the money. Lady asked if you know all this. He says yes  I knew it after you gave money and asks her to relax. She says ok. Shivam and Riya fight with those people who were stopping. Shivam asks Riya to take up her purse.  Riya says ok. Police come and say wow you both started  again.

mere-angne-meinRiya says no we are not doing wrong. Inspector says you talked about the promise and now we will arrest you both. They go to arrest them. But Riya says go Shivam tell them. Shivam says sorry but I have to do this and he beats policeman. Sara changes her look and comes as Julie in the auction. She sees Amit and thinks he also came here.

She sends Bansi to steal money from him. He says I will do you work. Amit bids money and says I will give six lakhs. Sarla thinks he has gone mad.  Amit asks a man to say next bid as seven lakhs.  Bunty calls Riya and says aunt got to know about everything and she is coming to Shanti Sadan.

Kaushalaya says please stop all this as our daughter in law coming with money. Nimmi thinks where must be she.Riya calls Nimmi and says we are coming. She says Aunty of Bunty know about the auction and she is coming so you should manage her. Nimmi tells Dadi that aunt is coming. Shanti says please stop her outside and not let her come in.

Ladies taunts Shanti that she is so helpless and Raghav lost a job and what will they do now. Kaushalya and Shanti see diya is flickering. They both goes to stop Diya from extinguishing. Ladies says no.  matter your house has gone now. Officer says let’s stop auction with seven lakhs. Then Riya and Shivam comes. She says stop we got your tax and take it. Shanti becomes happy and hugs her. She says please go this house will not sell.

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