Shanti Refuse To Sell Jewelry Mere Angne Mein 21st September Episode Online 20116

Mere Angne Mein

Riya goes to police station and asks where is Shivam. Inspector says i am tired of arresting him and i will not leave him so easily. I will keep him here and leave tomorrow then he will get to know about police. Riya says please i assure you that this will not happen again. He says you every time say this.

Riya says but this time i will keep him in home and not let him go anywhere and if again you find him guilty then i will also go in jail. He says if you are giving me Assuredly then i will leave him. Riya says ok i will take care of this. Shanti gets worried  that how this house will be saved. Shanti taunts Kaushalya and says this is because of your children and you are not good mother. She cries.

riyaRaghav comes and says i have brought this money. He gives twenty five thousand to Shanti. She says how will we save our hours and this house will go from our hands. Raghav says no nothing will happen like that i am here and i will do something. He gets a call and man asks him to come to court tomorrow at Allahabad  as there is hearing of your case.

Raghav asks if this hearing can be postponed Man says if you want to save your job else this is your wish and you can stay at home forever. Raghav gets tensed. He tells Shanti that he has to go to Allahabad tomorrow.

Shanti says no problem i will manage everything here. Sarla comes and cries badly. Nimmi thinks what new thing she is going to do. Sarla shouts. She says you needed money so i sold my jewellery and taking money here but some thieves came and took all money and i am destroyed. Shanti says not to cry.

Riya says what we will do now. She says i will talk to  my papa and he can help us. Shivam gets angry and says no this is my family’ s problem and we will solve this. Shanti calls Jeweler and asks him to come to home as she has to give him jeweler and wanted money.

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