Shanti Sadan Is Getting Auctioned Watch Mere Angne Mein 17th September 2016 Episode


Amit tied in ropes. They all shouts and then Ashok comes and says please give me my clothes. Sarla asks Ashok to sleep out. She asks Nirmala to go out also. Ashok says ok I will sleep with Nirmala. Sarla shouts and says no come later. Riya waits for Shivam. She thinks she got good news that she has work now and secondly Shivam is not coming home.

mere-angne-meinKaushalya asks where is Shivam . Riya says no. She also cries and says he has so much anger and she is scared. Kaushalya says he will come but she cries. Riya says lets file a complain. Nandu says ok i will cone. Kaushalya says her son was not like that and he is changed. She asks why are you doing this god.

Sarla thinks she has arranged money. Shanti calls Sarla and she asks where are you Sarla. Sarla says i am at home. Shanti asks that why are you not at Shanti Sadan. Sarla says Ashok was not well that’s why she came here.

Sarla thinks why Shanti called and may be Kaushakya provoked her against me. Shanti thinks she will go from here. Riya and Nandu reach police station and then they see Shivam there. Police say he comes here in a week. Riya says he cannot lessen the problems and police tell that he beat Boss. Shivam says he was telling bad things about us.

Riya says i will not let you free from here. Shivam gets angry. Nandu asks her to calm down. She gives bail to Shivam. Sarla meets that person and asks you arranged money or not. He says yes. They wait for someone. The man says give me money too. She says i will give money. Sharma ji comes.

He greets Sarla and says he will do this work. Sarla asks how much money you will take. He says ten thousand. Sarla says this is too much. He says to give bribe then that money you will have to give. She says i will talk to them but i will not give extra money. He says you have to give this as this is risky work. Sarla says ok. Sarla thinks if she should give money or not.

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