Shanti Sadan’s Auction Goes On! Watch Mere Angne Mein 24th September 2016 Episode

Shanti thinks everything will be fine and I have not mortgaged jewellery.  She takes the money and keeps  it on the table. Officers come and say seal the home. She says no this is her home. She takes up the stick and says runs after them. Lady  police come and arrest her. Officer asks to seal all rooms. They lock rooms. Shanti says I will give you half money.

Riya goes to Bhandara and  man says you prepared well. Riya says please give rest of money. He says I will give you money as my servant comes. Riya says we need money in an emergency. He says he has  sent a man and he will come.

Shivam says you should have called him before. The man says this is the big amount and it’s not easy to handle. Riya asks Nandu to go house and Dadi needs us.  Kaushalya gets twenty-five thousand and the man says I will give you rest money after some time. She says I want whole money now. The man says cash is not in the office.

Kaushalya says she needs them urgent. The man says I will try. Shanti cries and says please listen to me . She says I have to call my daughter. She calls Sarla. Sarla asks what happened. Shanti says they have kept me and please bring all money. Sarla says I got a heart attack and I am admitted in the hospital. Shanti says please tell me where is money then I will take that.

Nimmi comes and says why have you tied Dadi. Police says I will tell you and she brings the rope and ties them. Kaushalya also comes. Bansi comes to Sarla. Sarla asks where is another guy. He says he is not well. Sarla says her son stole money and find him. Sarla says  go in the auction and buy Shanti Sadan.

Riya and Shivam finishes event. They worries when he will give money. Shivam says you have only ten minutes and we want money. Riya says dont get hyper. Kaushalya asks police to open handcuff of Sarla. Nimmi says please. Police says ok we will free you. She calls Riya and says please come  soon as they sealed home. Man says how dare you do that.

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