Shanti Tells Kaushalya How to Do Work! Mere Angne Me 15th August 2016 Latest Episode Updates Star Plus Serial

Mere angne me 15 Aug

Pari ties rakhi then Preeti comes and ties rakhi on wrist of Amit. Nimmi comes and ties. Amit says he can only give blessings this rakhi and he is with Raghav only. Shanti gives money to Amit to give all her sisters.

Pari goes and ties rakhi on wrist of Shivam. Shivam gives money then Shanti stops him and gives money herself. Shanti says keep it as this will help you. Sarla gets call and she worries. Amit calls her and says her to sign the papers and her work will be over. Sarla becomes excited. Nimmi goes to Shivam and becomes emotional. Sarla tells Shanti that Rani called her as there is some problem. Shanti asks her to go. Shanti worries that all things are getting wrong.

Shivam takes out money and Shanti stops him as Raghav’s job also lost and he should not waste her money. Nimmi says its wrong that she gave five hundred rupees to Pari and only ten rupees to us. Shanti becomes angry and says already we are handling all your expenses. Shivam tells Nimmi that he will give her promise that her child will come in this house for sure.

Shanti argues. Shivam says he is not challenging her and he is just promising her. Nirmala sees papers and smiles cunningly and she thinks she will make Sarla sign these divorce papers.

Sarla comes to home and asks where are her papers. Nirmala says here they are. Pari says she is going for shopping. Sarla says ok go. Nirmala comes hiding papers. Pari asks to show those papers. Suddenly She gets call and goes. Nirmala then asks Sarla to sign it immediately. Sarla says she believed that she will become rich one day. She signs. Nirmala becomes happy. Shanti tells she has finalised the decision and Nimmi’s child will not come in this house.

Shivam says he will not happen anything wrong in this house. He goes then Riya comes. She goes to touch Shanti’s feet and Shanti shouts on her that she should take bath first and then touch anything. Shanti says how rude Shivam has became and its because of Riya. Riya was like this and now she has made Shivam like her. Sarla asks keys of house. As they have to leave this house. Nirmala asks not to go to any other place as she will give rent of another house.

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