Shekhar & Sumi Relation Splits! Swargini 22nd September 2016 Latest Written Episode Updates


Swara and Ragini were very angry at each other and they are slapping each other because of their argument. Swara and ragini both were shocked as the situations have got so much wrong.

Shekhar comes into the home and saw them fighting without any big reason. Shekhar confronts them and starts scolding them and asking for the answers for their fighting. Ragini starts crying and tells everything to him for whatever is happening between them, Skahkar gets very much shocked after listening to all this. Ragini also tells him that she needs 5 lakh to free Laksh from this case, and Sanskar comes into the Maheshwari house, while the guards try to stop him from entering, but his respect for him stops the guard. Prineeta too saw Sanskar coming into the house, while Sanskar is holding a steel rod in his hand.

swaraginiAdarsh comes while asking him very generously but he starts beating him for not coming with him and Parineeta try to stop him. Both of them tries to stop Sanskar but his not stopping and continue beating Sanskar. He is very angry because of all the things which they have done to him and now they are asking for forgiveness.

He didn’t stop and continues beating him, Annapurna comes there and slaps Sanskar for wet he is doing with Adarsh. Shekhar tells Swara and Ragini to stay together and not to fight with each other . Swara tries to tell Ragini  and Shekhar that she is pretending to be good and try to save Laksh, she knows everything about him. Shekhar and Ragini didn’t listen to her and goes to Dadi.

Annapurna asks Sanskar to go away from there and never comes back to home. Parineeta makes Annapurna go against Sujata as she tells her that all this is happening because of her. Sujata too talks to Annapurna on call and she thanks them both for sending the one crore to him and ask for the rest.

Annapurna and Sanskar get shocked. They both are very much shattered. Parineeta and Adarsh were happy as their plan got successful. Sumi and Shekhar got into the fight just because of the situations which are being created by Dadi and she is very happy for this, Shekhar starts blaming Sumi for all this and the situation got out of control.

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