Shivaye Get Tensed Because Of ACP Rathore Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Episode

Shivay says Gayatri is a thief. Police says I have to see this Cd. Tez says you are doubting us and you don’t know who are we. Police says I am doing my duty. Tez calls the home minister. Dadi stops him and asks what are you hiding. He becomes shocked and says no. Dadi says then why are you not allowing them.

She gives Cd to them. Om says I think something big is about to happen. Shivay says nothing will happen. Om says this is not good for his family. Police asks who is she and they points out Anika. Shivay says she is a family member. Everyone gets shocked. Sahil calls Anika. He asks where are you. She says I will talk to you later. Sahil vomits.

ishqbaazPolice say play this Cd. The cd was blank. Then a voice of girl comes that she works and people scolded her and now I don’t have any proof. She says I have only one wait left. She says I am giving my life on 26 July and I am dying because of Tez Oberoi and Shakti Oberoi.

She says I want them to remember this date always. Gayatri says see this is truth. Tez and Shakti are murderers. Rudra becomes tensed. Gayatri says this girl’s suicide is hidden but her husband’s death will not be hidden. Tez shouts. Police say keep calm. Tez says I don’t know from where this cd came.

Police say you have to come with us to the police station. Shivay says we cannot come to police station. Police say everyone is equal in eyes of police. Om says Shivay let them do their work. Police say we will just do enquiry. Tez says let’s go. Janvi cries. Pinky asks her not to cry as Shivay will go and bring them.

Anika gives tea to Dadi. Dadi asks Anika to go home as her brother might be waiting for her. Anika says no I will stay here. Dadi says no you should go. She reaches home and Sahil becomes angry. He says I will not talk to you. Anika asks what happened. Om and Shivay fights. Shivay says Tez is the cheater and he can do this.

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